Self Care as a Spiritual Practice

In this 4 class Spiritual Immersion, you will confidently Create a LIFE YOU LOVE in Career, Relationships, Family, Purpose!




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If you change only one thing in your life,
let it be your SELF CARE.
This will transform your entire life!

In this 4 class Spiritual Immersion, you will:

  • Confidently Create a LIFE YOU LOVE in Career, Relationships, Family, Purpose!
  • Manifest unparalleled intentions and goals with Suzi’s unique "Intentional Creation Process"
  • Transform Limiting Beliefs that keep you imprisoned in old patterns
  • Release blocks that keep you stuck, take Inspired Actions and SOAR!
  • Unleash Your Untapped Creative Power and Ignite Your Infinite Potential!


Class 1 - Spiritual Self Care
Spiritual Level: Clarifying Your Highest Life Vision

"Without Vision, the people perish."

"The pain pushes until the Vision pulls,"
says Spiritual Teacher, Michael Bernard Beckwith

In this class, you learn my "Intentional Creation Process", Clarify a Vision for your Life, create a meditation practice, learn to listen to your Highest Self and Self Care Strategies to practice during the week.

Class 2 - Emotional Self Care
It is said that when we set a new intention, everything unlike it comes up to get healed.

We set an intention to be more patient with our children and we find ourselves reacting like a child ourselves. We set an intention to start a new project or career and all of our self doubt arises.

In this class, you will learn how to transform your limiting beliefs, fulfill your own unmet needs, be present with uncomfortable emotions, listen for the message and Insight that will catapult you into Inspired Action

Class 3&4 - Physical Self Care and Integration
In this class, you will take Inspired Actions.
Most of us abort our Vision when we become scared, doubt ourselves, and get caught up in the results. INSPIRED actions come from an abundant Spirit. Learn to LIVE in Your Abundant Spirit.

When we know what truly Nourishes our Spirits, we are more likely to practice because the practice is from the Inside Out, rather than from the old definition of discipline and rigid motivation. We become a disciple of our Highest Self.

In Class 4, you'll learn
Integration: Learn to Live in SERVICE to your Highest Vision and Live in Infinite Possibilities

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What people are saying about Self Care as a Spiritual Practice

"I think that Self Care is living life fully present. Its not a choice, its essential. Thank you so much Suzi for opening my eyes to Self Care, this is now a fundamental teaching to the core of my everyday life.

~ Claudia C.

"I was not 100% sure what Self Care was. But after this course I think I am starting to. Because of Self Care, the way Suzi teaches, I am feeling more full than I have in a long time. I feel steadier on my feet while at the same time head in the clouds. Feeling stronger in a quieter, gentle way. Love it! Thankyou for this course Suzi.”

~ Stephanie E.

" I highly recommend this course. It changed the way I understand and experience self-care.

~ Patricia B.

"This course has helped me see where I need to work on myself and starting on that journey has been truly transformational. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration. Also thank you so much for letting us know you were not always this way. I loved your sharing in this course and how you have made your transformation yourself. This really helps me when I am have difficulties.”

~ Alexis I.

"I wanted to share my gratitude for this course. I recently watched the final session and made myself some note cards with reminders of each component that I can easily access. It's been a warm, comforting experience. Thank you Suzi for your authentic love. You radiate!”

~ Abby W.

" I feel so deeply grateful for this sacred space you hold which has nourished my soul deeply. The warmth of your loving presence envelopes us all in a gentle yet deep invitation to embrace all our orphan parts. Your essence touches me deeply. There is something so exquisite about the capacity of your heart space which emanates from all you share and your way of being and holding others. This course felt like a gentle coming home more to myself. Sending love and deep gratitude.”

~ Francesca R.

Suzi Lula

Suzi Lula is a sought after Spiritual Psychologist, wisdom teacher, speaker and best selling author of "The Motherhood Evolution: How Thriving Mothers Raise Thriving Children". She is an expert in the field of human transformation.

Suzi has a deep understanding of the nature of therapeutic change and knows how to effect profound inner healing. She is known for her compassionate heart and sensitivity.

Known as a visionary leader, Suzi challenges conventional thinking that says that mothers must sacrifice themselves to be good mothers. Suzi provides a new vision of motherhood, giving us permission to thrive, taking us from overwhelm and exhaustion to a life overflowing with joy, meaning and most of all, real connection with our children. The Motherhood Evolution proves out to us that caring for ourselves is the GREATEST GIFT we can give our children!

Suzi speaks, serves on the Board of Trustees and on the faculty at The Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder. She has been featured on The Today Show with him on a piece highlighting Spirituality and the family. She co teaches and speaks at the Evolve Conference with Dr Shefali Tsabary, New York Times Best Selling Author of “The Conscious Parent”.

She’s married to her best friend, inspirational singer / songwriter, Jami Lula and mom to their 17 year old, aspiring film maker, Will and their two dogs, Goody and Zoe.

Her book is a great companion to this Course.

For more information on Suzi and to see videos and other online courses:

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"Suzi Lula = Visionary"

“I have deliberately chosen the word “visionary” as a precise description of Suzi’s profound contributions. She's a powerful evolutionary teacher and Spiritual Counselor".

— Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center

"Masterful Teacher, Brilliant Counselor, Important Author"

“Suzi is a masterful teacher, brilliant counselor and life line to Mothers everywhere. I can not recommend Suzi's work and important book' "The Motherhood Evolution' enough”.

— Dr. Shefali Tsabary, New York Times Bestselling Author, The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family

"I sign up for everything she teaches!"

"I am infinitely grateful to Suzi for her effectiveness as a teacher and Spiritual Counselor. As a coach she is AMAZING! The quality of my relationship with my daughters is SO MUCH BETTER! I feel so at ease when I'm interacting with my girls now, even in the midst of chaos. The best thing is that with Suzi, it's not about mental techniques. From her, I've learned to DIVE DEEP INTO MYSELF and from there, organically, the BEST of me blossoms! I sign up for everything she teaches!"

— Ama Barron

"My life just keeps getting better!”

“I have worked intensely with Suzi for over a year. I experienced her extraordinary coaching specifically around balancing my ‘doing with being.’ I worked through tremendous vulnerability and fear and ultimately arrived at the confidence I required to leave my Corporate job and launch my own coaching business with grace. I’m incredibly grateful for her committed investment in all areas of my life – career, motherhood, marriage and most importantly my relationship with myself. I’m so happy to continue to work with Suzi this year. My life just keeps getting better!”

— Sarah Gibbons, M.A. Executive & Personal Coach to Working Moms

"Suzi gave me the tools to excavate my Authentic Self. "

“Suzi gave me the tools to excavate my Authentic Self. Thanks to her “Living Your Dreams”, I’m now living Mine.”

— Marielle Taylor, Agape International Spiritual Counselor


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