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Suzi Lula

Our culture is largely void of our Humanity …

Our culture is largely void of Soul …


The worlds of Motherhood, Relationships, Business and even Coaching and Personal Growth are largely void of Soul as well.

And yet, Soul, Humanity, Connection, Intimacy, Meaning and Purpose are the very things that people are yearning for the MOST!

In the world of coaching and mental health, the ability to bring in the Soul / Spiritual level of consciousness, work with individuals on the emotional and experiential levels is the distinguishing factor in effecting lasting change and transformation with your clients.

What People are Saying

Jessica Patay, Founder/Executive Director, We Are Brave Together

“I can’t recommend this beautifully empowering certification enough!"

I have the privilege of leading We Are Brave Together, a nonprofit organization that serves and supports Caregiving Moms of children with disabilities and all unique needs. 

Suzi Lula is UNIQUE. She is a gift. Her presence and her teachings called to me. She is a loving, wise, powerful pint-sized badass force that I feel so lucky to have spent time with and learn from. In such a loving, judgment-free Soul Care Community.

Cindy Kaplan, Parenting Coach and Author of Freefall: One Mother’s Journey Raising a Child with Special Needs

“Suzi shows up as authentically as any single person can show up! Her ability to create safety within a group and 

bring a Sacredness to this work and to every single participant is impossible to describe.”

I wanted to take my clients deeper, to their own inner knowing, and to do that, I needed the freedom to trust my own inner knowing. Suzi's certification does just that and so much more, while providing the language to use both professionally and personally. 

Maureen Spielman, Maureen Spielman Coaching

“Suzi has over-delivered in her Soul Care Coaching Certification!

Each and every one of the sessions brought me closer to understanding myself personally and as a coach, I gained invaluable skills for my own transformation and to guide my clients to their greater transformation.”

If you are a coach looking for a Certification that will uplevel and deepen both your own life and your existing coaching practice, look no further. 

Suzi guides her students through complex teachings of how our emotions are here for our higher learnings, how we learned to ‘survive’ in our childhoods and lives and how to understand our patterns and what no longer serves us - all while mastering a true language of self-compassion. The skills taught become layered, one alongside the other and provide a rich tapestry of ways to guide our own clients, 

Diana B.
Diana B.

Suzi and her teachings are the motherly guidance I’ve longed to have.

This course is gentle, deep and has offered me real sensible tools that have brought me to a higher vibration. 

Julie Rinard, Freelance Writer and Coach 

“As a young adult, I thought learning to live life mostly in my 'doing' was a prerequisite for achieving long-term ‘success.’"

Although this social conditioning seemed to work for a while, in my 40's, the part of me that was hungry to live a more authentic life began to rebel. The yearning to reconnect with my heart space and do (and be) something that felt more meaningful was palpable, but I couldn't consistently access my feeling space without fear and judgment creeping in. 

When I met Suzi and enrolled in her Soul Care Certification Program, I discovered a whole new language and way of relating to myself that has allowed me to open to an expanded sense of possibility for my life. 

Suzi offers a clear and consistent framework for embracing these emotions that--when welcomed with open arms--have the wisdom to guide us toward the unique Soul blueprint for our lives. 

Joseph Argazzi, Spiritual Life Coach

“Soul Care Coaching Certification has given me a new language and practical “go to” of exercises, skills and practices that have created healing “experiences” that go far beyond an intellectual understanding. This difference has been profound and significant to creating real transformation for myself personally as well as for my clients"

If you are looking to advance your own healing, your relationships or that of your clients, take her certification, and the experience you have will be all the evidence you need.”

Soul Care Coaching Certification has given me a new language and practical “go to” of exercises, skills and practices that have created healing “experiences” that go far beyond an intellectual understanding. 

Nicole R.

I held my story of pain, trauma and unworthiness for 47 years. Some days I clung onto that pain as my identity. It was deeply rooted in my unconscious and therefore normalized. I was afraid of surrendering the past, releasing the story, letting go of the pain and breathing in the truth - that I am worthy just as I am."

The transformation that happened within me is undeniable. I know others can see it in me, but more importantly I can feel it as I move through my days. Some days I feel like I transcend the body and I’m just a Soul floating through this dimension. I can see and hear the unconsciousness around me, breathe deeply, and detach. I can feel my pain in ways I never knew before, quickly deconstruct it, acknowledge the unmet need within me, and reconnect with my Essence. 

Through Suzi’s gentle guidance I fell in love with the invisible parts of myself that were buried because I never thought anyone would accept them. 

Danielle Prak,

Certified Soul Care Coach

I learned to see how situations that I perceived as negative were actually FOR me and brought me closer to my authentic self.

I learned how to show myself compassion and love all parts of me. I am now teaching my 2- and 5-year-old children to compassionately love themselves!

The practices of Spiritual Psychology create a loving, harmonious lifestyle to live by!! 

I am FOREVER grateful!

Heather Beaton

Certified Soul Care Coach

Working with Suzi and the Practices of Spiritual Psychology has been 

deeply life changing. 

The work, the culture and the community she builds is compassionate and loving, creating a safe space to bring all of who we BE into the room. 

I treasure this work! I’m excited to be using it in my own life and business!

Jasmine Soufer,
Certified Soul Care Coach  

The Soul Care Coach Certification program transformed me, healed my deepest wounds, so that I could show up as a more whole, grounded coach and person. My clients feel safe, heard, seen, and held in my presence because of this course. Holding space for others in such a way would not be possible without this transformation.

The experience of coaching clients with Soul Care principles is almost too profound to be described in words... Soul Care integrates the best teachings of psychological and somatic modalities, while adding the most important missing ingredient by addressing the depth of the human experience on an emotional and spiritual level.

For both coach and client, it heals us deeply through a holistic integration of mind, body, and spirit. I was transformed by this course, and my Soul Care practice continues to transform not only my clients but also my inner self. My life is forever changed. I have never been more fulfilled.

Geno La Placa
Certified Soul Care Coach

I had the privilege of joining the Spiritual Psychology & Soul Care Coaching course with my mentor, Suzi Lula, and it profoundly transformed my coaching skills and understanding of sacred listening and self-compassion.

Suzi created a supportive and nurturing community during our weekly meetings, fostering lasting friendships with like-minded individuals. Her unwavering love and dedication to our growth were evident as she generously shared her wisdom and went above and beyond to ensure we truly embodied the lessons.

One invaluable lesson I learned was the importance of self-compassion, which has enriched my coaching and personal life.

Investing in this course was one of my best decisions, empowering me as a coach and as a person on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. I'm grateful to Suzi Lula for her guidance and unwavering support.

Suzi Lula's course exemplifies the transformative power of love, compassion, and community in coaching and personal development. I cherish this experience and wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone looking to elevate their coaching practice and their life.

Ama Baron,
Certified Soul Care Coach in Spiritual Psychology
Spiritual Therapist, Agape International Spiritual Center

I was Suzi's client for several years, seeking help to overcome domestic violence, poverty, and the shame that accompanied those struggles. With her guidance, I achieved stability in my life.

A few years ago, my child was diagnosed with mental disorders, which left me in a state of panic and hopelessness. In my quest for support, I joined Suzi's Soul Care Coaching Certification Program. The program not only offered specific guidance but also provided a supportive community that became my lifeline. This community transformed the way I make parenting decisions.

I fully immersed myself in the Soul Care practices for both myself and my child, learning to care for my child's emotional development. Gradually, my child began to recover, and many of the mental health symptoms improved. Our home life became fulfilling, and we created beautiful experiences together.

This journey also encouraged me to confront my own unexamined emotional issues, which significantly enhanced my ability to respect and revere every emotion for the potential they hold. The Soul Care Certification empowered me to work effectively with my clients and facilitate transformational experiences in various circles.

My most significant testimony is the transformation in my own life and the well-being of my precious children. I've learned to love myself with the same dedication and devotion that I love my kids, and I am willing to do anything for their sake.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Soul Care Certification Course in the study of Spiritual Psychology.

Suzi Lula bio

Suzi Lula is one of the premier wisdom teachers in the field of Spiritual Psychology and is the Best-Selling author of “The Motherhood Evolution: How Thriving Mothers Raise Thriving Children.”

Suzi is an expert in the field of human transformation. She challenges conventional thinking that says that mothers (and women) must sacrifice and martyr themselves to be good mothers and instead guides them to the realization that when a mother thrives, their children flourish as well. Thus, Suzi is redefining Motherhood from simply surviving to powerfully THRIVING!

Suzi is the founder of The Spiritual Psychology Academy, Soul Care Coaching Certification: Training in the Art and Practice of Spiritual Psychology - providing in-depth individual transformation for mental health professionals, coaches, educators, mothers and anyone seeking deep healing in their lives. Suzi also has a popular library of transformational online self-study courses.

Suzi leads LUMINOUS™, an online holistic community for women, with Dr. Shefali Tsabary (NY Times Best Selling author of The Conscious Parent).

Suzi is also a beloved Speaker at the Agape International Spiritual Center under the direction of Founder, Michael Bernard Beckwith, where she also serves on the Board of Trustees.

She is known for her compassionate heart and deep sensitivity, has a teenage son, Will and is married to her long-time best friend, Jami.