FREE Online Group Coaching Masterclass!

This FREE Master Class will give you a PEEK into Suzi's NEWEST Program! A 12 week transformational ONLINE GROUP COACHING INTENSIVE!

This FREE Master Class will give you a PEEK into Suzi's NEWEST Program!

A 12 week transformational


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Coaching with Suzi?

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in the SAFE ENVIRONMENT that Suzi creates

you will TRANSFORM

in a supported and LIKE MINDED COMMUNITY!

12 week Online Group Coaching Intensive

This FREE Master Class will be an introduction to Suzi Lula's
On Line Group Coaching Intensive!
A replay of the Master Class will be sent if you can’t make it live


In this FREE Master Class you will :

:: Experience an actual live group coaching session in action!

:: Experience the safety, style and processes that Suzi will use in this On Line Group Coaching Intensive

:: Experience what it is like to be coached or witness coaching by Suzi

:: Experience a group guided process!

:: Experience the POWER of Group Coaching!

In so many of Suzi's On Line Transformational classes
people comment on the POWER OF BEING COACHED and the POWER IN WITNESSING others being coached.
This is often what assists people to SHIFT from, I feel stuck, alone and disconnected"
"creating both the inner and outer relationships they know are possible in their lives, to truly thrive and live an authentic life"

So many of us, women especially, have been taught to do it ALL OURSELVES. Asking for support feels WEAK. So we end up feeling ALONE and like ISLANDS ..,. Yet … we’re longing for CONNECTION .. to know that we aren't alone ... to know that others are experiencing similar challenges and can relate to us.

We're longing for REAL CONNECTION, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS and to reconnect with your true, AUTHENTIC Spirit, your VITALITY, PURPOSE and PASSION … wanting to reconnect with your spouse, your sexuality, bring INTIMACY into your RELATIONSHIP ...Wanting to stop passing on GENERATIONAL PATTERNS and actually be the parent / spouse you came here to be.

Suzi is an expert in the field of human transformation and has a deep understanding of the nature of therapeutic change and knows how to effect profound inner healing.

She is known for her compassionate heart and sensitivity.

Experiencing Suzi working with people in a group coaching setting will remind you that you are not alone. You’ll experience others with the same challenges and we’ll work through them together!

.And this is precisely my intention with my 12 Week ONLINE GROUP COACHING COURSE: to allow you to EXPERIENCE MY COACHING and provide a COMMUNITY of like minded individuals to help ANCHOR YOUR TRANSFORMATION and ensure that you RISE HIGHER in your life!

Yes, I have been interested in receiving coaching from Suzi and would love to learn more about On Line Group Coaching.

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Are you a coach who would like to E X P A N D your coaching practice and skills ...

while also transforming your own life?

NOW you can learn from a MASTER COACH in an On Line setting!

Would you like to:

  • COACH more effectively, create deep transformations for your clients, and as a result, expand your practice, and receive additional income?
  • EXPAND your coaching capacity but not sure how… learn from a Master Coach
  • Learn to LISTEN underneath your clients' challenges to unearth core issues
  • Learn to go to the HEART of the issues
  • Expand your COACHING SKILLS to include more EXPERIENTIAL Practices and Processes?
  • Include the SPIRITUAL LEVEL in your Coaching Practice?
  • Learn to create lasting TRANSFORMATION in your clients
  • Learn to coach so that each person receives exactly what they need, without leaving you feeling drained or depleted?
  • Observe and learn from a MASTER COACH ... while also TRANSFORMING your own life

Do you want to:

* Transform more lives?
* Have time for your own self-care?
* Create a 6-figure coaching business?
* Add another lucrative income stream to your business?

If this is you, you are in the right place to learn from a Master Coach.


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Your Instructors

Suzi Lula
Suzi Lula

Suzi Lula is a sought after Spiritual Psychologist, wisdom teacher, speaker and best selling author of "The Motherhood Evolution: How Thriving Mothers Raise Thriving Children". She is an expert in the field of human transformation. Suzi has a deep understanding of the nature of therapeutic change and knows how to effect profound inner healing. She is known for her compassionate heart and sensitivity.

Known as a visionary leader, Suzi challenges conventional thinking that says that mothers must sacrifice themselves to be good mothers. Suzi provides a new vision of motherhood, giving us permission to thrive, taking us from overwhelm and exhaustion to a life overflowing with joy, meaning and most of all, real connection with our children. The Motherhood Evolution proves out to us that caring for ourselves is the GREATEST GIFT we can give our children!

Suzi speaks, serves on the Board of Trustees and on the faculty at The Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder. She has been featured on The Today Show with him on a piece highlighting Spirituality and the family. She co teaches and speaks at the Evolve Conference with Dr Shefali Tsabary, New York Times Best Selling Author of “The Conscious Parent”.

She’s married to her best friend, inspirational singer / songwriter, Jami Lula and mom to their 17 year old, aspiring film maker, Will and their two dogs, Goody and Zoe.

Her book is a great companion to her Courses.


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